The earliest genealogic data are from the year 1758. To navigate in the family tree click the children to get down or click the parents to get up. Starting point:
Jakob (about 1725) and Salome Schellinger
Or my family:
Ernst and Hildegard Schellinger

Name list:

Agathe Schellinger (22.9.1914-1990) (Born Droxner)
Alois Schellinger (1758-1840)
Anna Schellinger (1905-23.6.1984)
Daniela Schellinger (Bausch)
Dennis Leon Bausch
Edwin Schellinger
Elisabeth Schellinger (1902 - 1.9.1985)
Emil Schellinger (1901-1977) (My grandfather)
Erich Schellinger
Ernst Schellinger
Ernst Schellinger (1914-lost in UdSSR)
Friedrich Schellinger (3.6.1871-?)
Hans Schellinger (1904-9.1.1992)
Harald Schellinger
Hildegard Schellinger (Geb. Villinger)
Jakob Schellinger (Geb. ca 1725)
Johann Schellinger (27.12.1868 - 31.3.1955)
Josef Schellinger (25.12.1867-8.3.1946)
Josef Schellinger (1798-1875)
Karl August Schellinger (7.8.1907-1991)
Katharina Schellinger (20.12.1875-2.10.1946)
Marcel Bausch
Maria Schellinger (1900-1942)
Martin Bausch
Michael Schellinger (2.9.1835-22.8.1898)
Monika Schellinger
Phillipp Schellinger (1910-2.3.1986)
Renate Schellinger (5.8.1870-?)
Rosa Schellinger (18.8.1874 - 18.12.1944)
Rosel Schellinger
Salome Schellinger
Salome Schellinger (22.10.1842-8.12.1890) (Born Löhle)
Theresia Schellinger (Geb. Krähr)
Theresia Schellinger (20.5.1799-9.2.1880) (Born Steuer)
Willi Schellinger (1916-...)

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